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Rebecca Hopper is a psychic medium based in Minneapolis. For over 30 years, she has developed her abilities working within the psychic field. She provides psychic readings that are grounded in authenticity and integrity.

Rebecca offers client-specific information, spoken with compassion and objectivity. She is clear that she does not have your answer. As a trusted psychic medium, Rebecca provides information involving energetic aspects that allow you to feel your truth.

Medium readings can open up new information that offers you more support on your life path. These intuitive psychic readings may also bring more clarity, self-insight, and perspective that can connect you with your voice and your inner sense of direction.

Readings can:

  • Help you understand complex situations that feel confusing and difficult to see clearly
  • Allow you to touch more of your truth in choices involving people, places, and life issues
  • Open you to the energetic aspects of life that may be troubling or concerning
  • Provide a path for finding a level of stability and truth to guide your choices
  • Offer support for a deeper sense of what is correct for you
  • Impart ways in which you can  work with situations in your world with more confidence

Psychic Medium Testimonials

  • Rebecca is an extremely gifted intuitive. I feel extremely blessed to have been able to work with her on several occasions when I was seeking guidance. She teaches you how to access your truth in a very effective way. She provides a sense of calm and teaches you how to ground yourself and listen. If you are seeking help in any area of your life, look no further than Rebecca.

  • Rebecca's readings are honest, descriptive, and incredibly enlightening. She's able to tap into your core fundamental traits and values as a way of shedding light on how to move forward and find acceptance within your current situations. Rebecca is kind, caring, and truly a healing presence. Whether you're confused or certain, Rebecca offers a new perspective that forces you to pause and reevaluate where you are and how you're approaching life. She is truly a one-of-a-kind gem.

  • I was referred to Rebecca by my therapist. I had seen other psychics in the past but she put things into perspective for me in a different way. A way I enjoyed more so than others in the past. She is one I would continue to see in the future.

  • I first heard about Rebecca Hopper 2 years ago. At that time, I felt interested in seeing her but wasn't ready. Working with Rebecca was a unique way of looking at my life and my life's situations. Rebecca's abilities allowed me to have a more detailed in-depth look at the people, places, and areas of my life. Rebecca gave me accurate information about situations in my life. Rebecca told me that the information she was receiving was for me, from my higher mind and soul. I find working with Rebecca to be very helpful, gentle and caring. Her relaxed style and ability to connect made this session easy. I highly recommend Rebecca whether your questions are personal or career based.

  • When I first saw Rebecca I was living in Minneapolis. She was very helpful in the information and insights having to do with my life. Since that time, I have moved to San Francisco. I was so happy to find that the distance has made no difference in Rebecca's ability to connect with me and give information that has been so helpful and accurate. In our phone sessions, Rebecca is able to very clearly gives me options and information that is specific to me in my life now. Rebecca does not tell me what to do, or judge where I am in my life. She accurately speaks about the energy involving my relationships both personal and my career choices. I feel that her unique ability combined with her caring support allow me to be able to feel more clearly what my choices are. and what is correct for me. I highly recommend Rebecca and continue to call her about every 6 months. Thank you!

  • Rebecca is a highly skilled and trusted guide and teacher. Because of her ability to so clearly read what my soul is saying (whether on the phone or in person), she is one of the first people I turn to when I need clarification about my direction and higher purpose or when making an important life decision. Her humor, honesty, and integrity only add to her intuitive talents. I can't recommend Rebecca highly enough.

  • Rebecca is not only a terrific person she is one of the best psychic readers I have had the great fortune to meet. Her counselings are in depth and insightful. It is with huge wonder and respect that I watch her work, telling me the things I want to know and more importantly the things I never knew about myself. What a joy to be able to do this work!

  • I met Rebecca in 2009 at that time I had started my own business where I had one food truck. After working with Rebecca and taking her classes I found the confidence I needed to grow my business. Today I have her to thank for keeping me grounded and the business I have called the Chef Shack is almost busier than I can handle,  with 3 food trucks and new restaurant. Thank you Rebecca!

  • Initially I was very hesitant to see Rebecca for a reading because of the stigma that is often associated with "psychics." That trepidation immediately vanished after my first reading with her as she is incredibly professional and extremely accurate. I would consider her work guidance as the choice for choosing our path is left up to us, but Rebecca brings to light things we may have not thought about or things we need named. I have since taken coursework with her and have found them to be quite beneficial in my own understanding of intuitive work and would not hesitate to reccommend her to anyone looking for profound insight.

  • A friend suggested I go to see Rebecca for help with some struggles I had been having in my life. Rebecca provides incredibly helpful clarity and insight through her counseling. Her classes have taught me how to grow and trust my intuition. She has been a tremendously supportive and important teacher along my path.

  • I feel so fortunate to have met Rebecca. She has provided much clarity through conflicting times in my life and found it to be incredibly helpful and insightful. Rebecca doesn't offer false pictures or ideals regarding future events, but rather truths about ourselves/situations and choices surrounding our path(s). Rebecca is a delight to work with and I plan to continue working with her. I also highly recommend her to those thinking about seeing her based on how much help/insight she offered me through her services. She is an amazing, gifted woman.

  • I have been seeing Rebecca for a while, through individual sessions and group classes. She approaches her sessions with a sense of humor which makes the environment comfortable enough that if something doesn't make sense to me in a reading, I'm not afraid to ask questions. She gives name to the good things in my life and the things that I struggle with, which is worth a lot. Rebecca has been a huge help and influence in my life anytime I've needed guidance. 

  • I am a skeptic.  Always been one, probably always will be one.  I was referred to Rebecca 3x before I actually made the phone call to set up an appointment.  When I finally called Rebecca, I didn’t know what to expect.  All I knew was that I was seeking answers and all the avenues I had tried in the past had left me seeking more.  The first thing I remember is a feeling of complete calmness come over me and I was only talking to her on the phone.  Before I knew it, I had an appointment.  Rebecca’s gift is profound.  She never asked me why I was there.  She knew.  I felt very at ease and knew she was speaking my truth.  I learned things about myself I never knew and things I tried to hide were put in front of my face to deal with.  I left that first encounter with Rebecca feeling excited to move forward in my truth.  Rebecca knew things about me that I had never shared with anyone else so I knew she was the real deal.  I attended her 13 week course for beginners.  What a great experience.  I learned so many things about my own spirituality.  My partner and my son have also benefited from insight and gift.  I highly recommend to anyone who is seeking to give Rebecca a call.


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