Property Energy Clearings

Property Energy Clearings: Balancing of Home or Business

Property energy clearings can be useful for many reasons. Using her abilities to read and balance energy, Rebecca works in each room of your home or business to clear stagnate energy and open the property. She also uses techniques within her intuitive training as well as some of the tools of feng shui, to open and clear areas that appear to be blocking the flow of energy. This allows for a lighter, more peaceful feeling that people can sense and respond to as well. Individual bodies respond to the energetic feeling (of a space) within a home or business, leaving them with a feeling of openness, security, and balance.


$175 per hour

Property readings last on average 1-1.5 hours

Payment Information

Rebecca accepts cash, check, or payment through Paypal for property energy sessions

Note on Psychic Work with Rebecca

Due to her training and methodology, Rebecca does not offer fortune telling or future predictions. She works within a specific energy structure that  is grounded around choices. Choices that are solely up to the client and the client alone

Please contact Rebecca with any questions